Meet the Press

Title: Meet the Press
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG
Charaters: Jack, Ianto
Word Count: 5,532
Warnings: None
Summary: Torchwood is no longer a secret, and everybody wants to know more.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the Beeb and RTD.

Thanks to the wonderful Melinda, the fantastic RoyalLadyEmma, who made this fic so much better, Melinda, you rock.

Meet the Press

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I have a soft spot for Buzzfeed, love it to bits, (expect where they got americans to eat teaspoons of vegemite, it should be scrapped on toast) (though their faces were funny)

Anyway, they have do a series on The stereotype map of, all different countries etc. They did one on Great Britain, and I love what was put down for Wales.

Here is the link....

Also like the "looks like a cock" bit.


Real Life, The New Boss and other stuff

I'm still alive, and here is an update on what is going on in the world of PMW.

There are plans to finish The New Boss off, would you believe I did a writers month thingo in 2011, the same month my hubby decided he didn't want to be with me anymore, leaving me with two mortgages, three children with only one in school, and me not working full time, on maternity leave part time work - he didn't feel he needed to pay any child support as he was letting me live in the house - and this was only about 4 months after I'd got back to work from a hand injury. Yeah real life has been a real B*@#d. I started a new story, and decided to get it finished before I even started to post, this was the november writers thing, I'm up to about 104,000 words and about 3/4 of the way through. I haven't written any of that since november last year, but I really feel the need to write, just not had the time, I'm working constant night shifts to get extra dosh. and then the ex went to live in another state!, doubled the amount I had to pay in child care in one swoop. So sold the house - now that is another story, long and frustrating - house sold easily, it was just the aftermath. So, my kids are going to live with their dad after the mid year break (yet another sad story, but hey, they will come back, I give it a year. If I didn't let them go, I would be the villain, and I respect their choices, they have all been told I love them and it would be nice if they didn't go, but their dad has promised a farm, goats, cats and dogs {he lives closer to the city of Adelaide, than I do to Sydney} so I don't believe the animals will appear, plus the eldest is allergic to animal hair! All they have to do is one complete year at school, so by the end of next year I believe they will be asking to come home)- and I'm going to have so much time I don't know what I will do, yes I do, write. So yes, there will be more New Boss and it should be this year. And also the untitled mega story.

I went to Supanova on the weekend and saw John, had two photo's with him and got his signature on a photo and on one of his books, he is so nice and the two panels were so funny, my cheeks hurt from giggling, and he looks even better in real life, such a wonderful person, so glad he got his MBE, he really deserved it.
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The Mardi Grai was on Saturday Night

And the papers had lots of photos of everyone getting ready - Putin was made into a puppet a few floats. The dancing boys were pretty. The 'Dykes on Bikes' headed off the parade, and for the first time in ages, work was relatively quite that night. One thirty lock out's and Three am closing seems to have worked.

Any whoo, this was one of my favourite pre parade photos.


Question re Exams in Wales

Do you get a study vacation prior to sitting your final exams? I know that here we get a weeks holiday well it suppose to be for studying, for the week prior to sitting the last high school exams. If this does happen, is it a week, do the kids have to go to school, or are they allowed to stay at home? Oh, and what do the final exams get called? Here we call them (in NSW, it is different in different states) the HSC.

thanks all