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The New Boss - Chapter 24

Title: New Boss - 24/?
Rating: MA 15+
Fandom: Torchwood
Genre: AU/ Romance
Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: None. AU but the names of the Episodes are mentioned
Summary: There is a new Boss for Torchwood Cardiff.

Going Home

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. 

beta’d by the wonderful wanda1969

‘thoughts are in italics and single quotes’

Sorry it has taken so long to get the next chapter up, real life has been an absolute - there are no words to describe it. Hope you enjoy. Round of applause for Wanda1969, she is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

Chapter Twenty-Four

The SUV purred along, eating up the miles back to Cardiff. As the outskirts of the city could be seen, Owen who had been half a sleep in the back, looked out of the window and said, “Jack, it’s only a short way to Gwen’s, drop her off first, then me - I’m down one road from Tosh, and you’ll be on your way back to the hotel, via Ianto’s. It’ll be the quickest, go down North across to Clare and down Clarence.”

“NO! Ianto first.” Gwen nearly squeaked, “Oh, Um, if you drop everyone off first, Jack, you can come over to my place.” Gwen tried to bat her eyelashes at Jack and leant forward to show off her cleavage, but it really didn’t work with a seat belt on. Owen snorted and Tosh giggled at her attempts, Ianto rolled his eyes. Jack sighed and thought, ‘She is so thick, I’ve told her I’m not interested, what is it now? About six times, she is in her own little world.’ Jack sighed again, looking into the rear vision mirror and saw Ianto smirking at him. He smiled, unfortunately Gwen thought he was smiling at her. “You could have a nice home cooked meal, it’d be nice for a change, and you could, you know, stay over, I can take you in in the morning, more comfy than a hotel.”

“I must admit I am looking forward to having all my own stuff again, the container has just arrived in port this weekend and it should be out of customs by the end of next week. So it won’t be long for me to have my own home again, so don’t worry I’m fine and I have some plans... plans that just can’t wait. We’ll drop you off, then Tosh and Owen; he's right, that is the best route.”

Ianto grinned, ‘Jack was dropping him off last, he could get him to come up, for a coffee, and have some one on one time, together, alone, hopefully, sans clothes.’ Ianto blushed as he thought about that.

Jack looked at Ianto, he had been careful not to look back to often, ‘He is so distracting, I just want to look at him, but I have to concentrate on my driving, oh, he’s blushing, wonder what he is thinking about? Maybe it doesn’t involve clothes, and us...’

“JACK!” squawked Gwen. “You nearly missed the red light.”

“Sorry Gwen, my mind was elsewhere, now which road is yours? It’s just down the next turn, isn’t it?”

Gwen directed with little grace. ‘It’s not fair,’ she thought, ‘Jack should be dropping me off last, so we could spend some quality time together.’

“Gwen, we’re here, do you want help with your bags?” Jack asked.

Gwen looked at Jack, trying to work out how to get him to stay, or to come back. “Jack, stay for dinner, I’m sure Ianto won’t mind driving everyone home, you can stay the night and I can drop you off at your hotel in the morning... or to work on Monday.” The last part was whispered, she thought, with a sexy voice, but to Jack, it wasn’t the beautiful deep Welsh vowels he was after. Gwen smiled, leaning forward again, to present her boobs for inspection, ‘It always works, flash these puppies and I’m in, and once I have him in my bed, he will never want to leave.’

Jack looked pained, ‘She is so obvious, but she is oblivious to what I am constantly saying to her, how thick can she be?’ “Gwen, that is not really appropriate, as I have said on numerous occasions, I am not interested in you. I have things I want and need to do. Thank you for the invitation, by no thanks.”

Ianto in the end took up Gwen’s bags as she jumped out of the SUV as soon as it arrived and stalked off. Owen laughed at her, Tosh giggled and Jack gently hit his head on the steering wheel, saying “Can’t she understand? I’m not interested.”

Ianto got into the front seat and they dropped Owen off, who said he was looking forward to a night in a real bed. They left him at his place and drove off to Tosh’s. Tosh refused their offer of carrying up her bags, she only had a backpack - being a practical person, she knew what to pack for a camping weekend, but did convince them to come up for a drink.

“Okay, Ianto, spill.” Tosh turned around and looked at her friend. Jack said he was going to go out on the balcony, to get a bit of fresh air, after sitting still for so long while driving. Ianto had offered to help Tosh make the drinks, and, as she wanted to find out exactly what was going on, she let him. Neither of them noticed Jack come back inside, leaning against the kitchen door frame, having decided that he didn’t want to let his Welshman out of his sight.

Jack chuckled, “Hey Ianto, do you want to spill, or keep it to ourselves?”

“I knew it! You two are not very subtle, the way you look at each other.” Tosh squealed.

“We’re trying, I thought we were doing a good job of hiding it. Gwen keeps trying it on with Jack,” Ianto snarked.

“Gwen is only able to see what she wants - and she wants Jack.” Tosh replied.

“But I don’t want her!” pouted Jack.

“She is a determined person Jack, you’re going to have to set her right,” replied Tosh.

“Yeah, but how? I’ve tried to sent anti messages. I told her to her face I’m not interested. I’ve said I’m too busy as I am seeing someone else. She just isn’t getting the message,” he complained.

Ianto and Tosh looked at each other and laughed.

“She’s not gonna see it unless she walks in on you snogging Ianto, Jack,” she commented

“Hey, I hope she doesn’t. I don’t like the idea of performing for an audience... well of an audience of more than one,” Ianto replied, the second part of his statement nearly whispered to Jack.

“I don’t know,” mused Tosh. “You are both extremely good looking guys, some CCTV placed in the right hands...” Tosh fanned herself.

The two men looked at each other and started to laugh.

“What?” exclaimed Tosh.

“We’ve only just got together and here you are planning on filming us to show to someone to put them off me,” Jack giggled.

“Well, putting it that way, it does sound wrong,” Tosh replied. “So what is your plan then Jack?”

“Maybe he is enjoying having her fawn over him, Tosh, and doesn’t want to be rescued.” Ianto smiled as he said this.

“NO! You wouldn’t say that if you had her after you. She paws at me - and those eyes. It’s like she has been goosed and I hate, really hate, being called ‘love’ and ‘pet’.” Jack slumped into his seat, dejected.

“I’ll remember that, no getting goosed and ‘love’ and ‘pet’ are not to be used.” Ianto made is if he was writing a list.

“Here, take the coffee and go through to the lounge,” chided Tosh, “lets see if we can work out how to derail Gwen.”

The three of them sat, drank coffee and laughed away an hour, making outrageous plans of what they would do to get Jack out of Gwen’s sights.

When Tosh went to the kitchen with the cups, Ianto whispered in Jack’s ear. “Let’s make our excuses, I’m looking forward to having you to myself, in a room, alone... a room that is not a tent.”

“Tosh” yelled Jack. “Thanks, we’re off.”

Jack grabbed Ianto’s hand and started to the door. Tosh looked in at them and started to laugh. “Ianto, what on earth did you say to him to make him drag you off like that?”

“Well, he said...” but Ianto, blushing furiously, had put a hand over Jack’s mouth before he could say anything more.

“Don’t, Jack, I’m sure my imagination will work it out. Drive safe and see you on Monday,” Tosh said as she smiled at her friends.

“Bye,” they both called as they headed down the stairs, to the SUV and to some time alone.


Jack sat in the SUV, and looked at Ianto while he buckled up. “Your place or mine?” he asked, tenderly.

"Mine, Jack, if you’re okay with that. You are still at the hotel. At mine I can make coffee and have breakfast and I would prefer my own bed and....” he trailed off.

“Okay, sure, where ever you want.” Jack looked at him, “You okay, you still...”

“Oh yes, just a bit nervous, you know your stuff is due next week, soon we will be neighbours.”

“Yeah, we can car pool.”

“That will stop rumors about us coming into work together.”

“Yeah, but Ianto, I don’t care what others think, I just care about what you think and how you are.” Jack put his hand on Ianto’s thigh and rubbed gently. “I don’t just want a one night thing, I want more.”

Ianto smiled and put his hand over Jack’s, “So do I.”

They drove the short distance to Ianto’s house in silence, smiling their own, small contented smiles.

They arrived at Ianto’s and carried their bags up. “Just put your bags in my room, I’ll put some coffee on,” Ianto said.

Jack went into Ianto’s room, put down the two bags on the floor and went to the kitchen, where Ianto had two mugs out and the coffee was working its way through the machine.

“Hi,” said Jack.

“Hi, yourself,” replied Ianto. “You’ve gone quiet.”

“Yeah, Ianto, I want this to be good, to work out. You have made an impression on me from the very start.”

“From the time in the lift?” Ianto smiled, remembering that first meeting.

“Not really the best introduction... but I just wanted you in my arms. But I’m glad we didn’t, not then. I’ve come to know you more, it’s not been that long I know, but I want more, I need more, I need you, all of you, not just your body - even though it is very hot.”

Ianto shook his head, trust Jack to make a joke, but he could see in his eyes that he meant every word he said. Ianto stared at Jack, taking in his face, the look of want and need plain for him to see. He moved over so he was standing in front of Jack, mere inches away and Jack subconsciously leaned towards Ianto. Ianto cupped Jack’s cheek and kissed him lightly.

Ianto spoke, his lips brushing Jack’s as he formed the words “Jack, I have been wanting you from that moment too. I’ve never felt this way about any one. I’m glad we didn’t just fall into bed, that’s not my style, but I so wanted to. I guess I’m... I’m not very experienced with guys, kissing, fondling, but not much more, but I want you so much.”

Jack’s lips caressed Ianto’s, running his tongue over his lips and as Ianto’s mouth opened to him, and lightly ran his tongue over his teeth. He heard the moan from Ianto and Ianto lent against him. Jack wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into his body, so they were pressed together, from knees up.

The coffee maker beeped. Ianto signed and murmured, his lips barely leaving Jack’s. “Ready for coffee?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to let you go.”

“It will take me seconds to pour, and I will be right behind you.” Ianto pushed Jack towards the door to the lounge.

Jack reluctantly let him go and moved to the lounge. He sat down and all of a sudden he was wearing Ianto.

“Decided needed you more than coffee,” Ianto said as the momentum had Jack sprawled out on the couch with Ianto lying on top of him.

Jack reached up with his hand and gently stroked Ianto’s face, “You are so beautiful, I can’t believe I have you to myself.”

Ianto looked at his lover to be under him. “You’re the looker and I can’t believe you want me.”

“Mr Jones, you are fantastic. Funny. Clever. Gorgeous. Make coffee to die for. You are perfect, more than perfect, for me.” Each statement was punctuated with a kiss, each one getting longer and deeper.

Jack’s hands ran up Ianto’s side, coming to rest on his lover’s belt. After a few more kisses, Jack started to pull Ianto’s shirt out of his jeans, white the young man started to undo the buttons on Jack’s shirt.

Ianto moaned into Jack’s mouth as he caressed his stomach, slowly pushing up Ianto’s T-shirt, so he could tweak his nipples. Ianto broke off the kiss and groaned in pleasure, throwing his head back.

Jack took advantage of Ianto’s neck being so exposed and sucked and his neck. He then concentrated on a spot, just to the right of his adam’s apple that seemed to make Ianto keen. ‘That is a noise that goes straight to my groin, oh Gods.’ Jack thought, before all his synapses snapped, lost as he was in Ianto.

Ianto gave up trying to undo Jack’s buttons, ‘God, that feels, oh wow...’ Ianto’s mind was jelly. ‘Need to feel Jack.’ He yanked the shirt, ripping the last 4 buttons. “I’ll fix that for you,” he moaned and ran his hands over Jack’s chest.

Jack’s mind was saying ‘Too many clothes, need to touch.’ He tried to get Ianto’s T-shirt off him, but he didn’t want to remove his mouth from Ianto’s neck. He licked up and sucked on the neck and all the parts he could reach.

Ianto ran his hands up and down Jack’s back, each time going a little lower. Jack suddenly found himself being rolled over and they both landed with a ‘thwump’ on the floor.

“Sorry, forgot we were only on the couch.” Ianto looked sheepish as he rubbed his shoulder.

“You okay? Glad I can make you forget where you are!” He reached for Ianto, but was unable to grab the Welshman before he was standing up.

“Jack, bedroom, now. I need you.” Ianto put out a hand to help Jack off the floor.

“The bed will be more comfortable,” agreed Jack. “And less likely we will fall out.” Jack held onto Ianto’s hand, pulling him closer to him. He could feel Ianto’s arousal, and he was sure Ianto could feel the same from him.

“Gods you are beautiful. I want you so much,” Jack murmured into Ianto’s neck as he sucked, bit then licked.

“I want you to, Jack, bedroom, or it will be on the floor - you’re making my knees go weak.”

They started to move towards the bedroom, neither letting go of the other. The short trip from the lounge to the bedroom entailed one chair being knocked over, two walls being banged into and the bedside light crashed to the floor as they hit the bed with such force the mattress was pushed slightly off it’s base. They landed in a heap on the bed, with Ianto under Jack.

“Ianto, you okay, sweetie? Didn’t mean to land on you so hard.”

“S’kay, just kiss me.” Ianto pulled Jack down for some more heated kisses. Both of their hands were ranging over the others body, caressing, arousing, trying to get their clothes off.

Ianto started to giggle and Jack looked at him, half off the bed, clothes half undone, half ripped off, and then saw the bedside light knocked over and the mattress hanging off the base. He started to giggle too.

“Jack, help me get the mattress on the bed, that way we won’t fall out if we roll over to the other side.” Ianto stood up and for the second time, put his hand out to Jack.

The pulled the mattress back on, and standing close, kissed. Ianto slowly pushed Jack’s shirt off his shoulders, and let the kiss end, pulling up the undershirt up. Jack had leaned forward to follow Ianto’s mouth and collected the shirt under his chin, nearly over balancing him.

Jack let go of Ianto, grabbed his own T-shirt and ripped it off. Ianto was stunned - even more stunned with Jack grabbed his T-shirt and ripped it off too.

They both looked at each other and burst into laughter. Ianto grabbed Jack around the waist and fell into the bed, bringing Jack down on top of him. He ‘owwfed’ as the air was push out of him, gasped and laughed again.

“Jack, Oh I love you!” Ianto stopped giggling. “Oh, I shouldn’t have said that... sorry.”

“It’s fine, Ianto, I... I think I feel the same... I think I love you. Hey, I sound like that old Partridge family song.”

I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of, a love that there’s no cure for, I think I love you and that is what life is made of, though it worries me to say that I never felt this way..” Ianto sang, not quite sure of the lyrics, Jack joined in at the last bit.

“It’s true, though - I’ve never felt this way before,” Jack said as he kissed Ianto, all the giggles gone.

Jack had Ianto flat on his back, and was finally peeling off his underpants. He sat astride his lover. He took in his lover’s body, noting the light smattering of hair on his chest which led his eye down to his groin and erect cock. His pale skin, and his long lean muscles. Ianto had his eyes closed and had one arm over his face.

“Ianto, love, you are so beautiful - I want you so much, but I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready for, or comfortable with.” Jack looked at Ianto and kissed him gently, before sitting up a bit.

Ianto moved his arm away, opened his eyes, seeing the love in Jack’s eyes, Jack seeing the same in Ianto’s eyes. “Jack, I want you in any and every way.”

Jack groaned, lent down, capturing Ianto’s lips in a deep kiss. He kissed his jaw, nipping between kisses, moving slowly down his young lover’s body, until he was moaning softly, whispering “Jack, oh, Jack!”

The older man’s hands roamed over his young man’s chest, tweaking nipples that were now hard nubs. He kissed them, swirling his tongue around them, enjoying the noises he was getting from Ianto and he slowly slide his hand down Ianto’s belly and to his hip.

Ianto was beginning to buck his hips up, his erection sliding against Jack’s stomach. Jack started to move down his lovers body, kissing and nipping as he went. He swirled his tongue in Ianto’s belly button, smiling when he giggled. “Ticklish are you?” he whispered into Ianto’s stomach. All Ianto could do was nod and and moan some more.

Jack lifted himself up, gazing at Ianto’s cock. As he looked it seemed to jump, as if responding to the scrutiny it was receiving.

He smiled at the sight, “Gorgeous,” he whispered and lent down, licking at the pre-come that wad beading on the head. “Oh yeah, gorgeous.”

Ianto yelped when Jack laved his tongue up and down the side. He was unable to keep still. Jack rested his hand on Ianto’s hip, gently caressing, to stop Ianto poking his eye out.

Jack kissed the tip and asked, “You okay? I want to.”

“God, yes, please, Jack, please...”

He lowered his mouth over the lovely cock in front of him, using his tongue to massage as he took the length in his mouth. He sucked and hummed.

Ianto grabbed Jack’s hair, trying not to pull at it, but lust was making it too hard for him to control his movements.

“Jack!” Ianto panted. “Do that much longer and.. ohhh, Jack I’ll come... I want to last longer, Jack, please.”

Jack grabbed the base of Ianto’s cock, stopping him coming and gently lifted his mouth off him, letting it slip out of his mouth with a gentle plopping sound. He stroked Ianto’s hip, calming him.

“Ianto,” whispered Jack. “I want to be in you, is that okay? Have you done that before?”

Ianto closed his eyes. “I want you in every way. I’ve never done that before. Just hand and stuff, you know. But yes, I want to. I need to feel you, please Jack.”

“Have you supplies?”

“Bed side drawer.” Ianto pointed with his hand.

Jack smiled and kissed Ianto, “My well organised Ianto - been planning this have you?”

“Dreamed of it, wanted it.” He replied, his voice low and gravelly.

Jack kissed him deeply, their tongues twirling over each other, possessive and hard.

“God, Ianto, want you so much.”

Jack opened the bedside drawer and got out the lube and condoms. He scooted down the bed and licked up Ianto’s length, opening the tube and smearing some on his fingers.

Jack started gently, moving his hand down Ianto’s crease, ‘til he found his opening. He swirled his fingers around the opening and began to gently press in a bit as he moved his finger. He pressed a finger in as he took Ianto back into his mouth. Ianto gasped, “J...J...Jack, Jack, need more, want more.”

Jack slowly pulled his finger out and then using two fingers pushed them back in, not stopping the licking and sucking on Ianto’s cock. He used his fingers, preparing his lover, making sure he was fully stretched and relaxed. Ianto was moaning, asking for more. Finally he pushed in a third finger and felt for Ianto’s prostrate. He found the small bundle of nerves and Ianto keened, “Jack, Jack, Jack, More. Please, more.”
His lover removed his fingers from him and reached over to grab and put on a condom and kissed him deeply, whilst slicking up his erection. “Ianto, it would be easier for a first time from behind, but I really want to see your face, will that be okay, I’ll stop if it’s too much. Is that okay?”

Ianto moaned into Jack’s neck, “Yes, yes, just do it, I need you, so much.”

He lifted Ianto’s legs up and gently placed them on his shoulders, bending him forward to expose his entrance. He gently slid his cock between Ianto’s cheeks and found the spot. Jack pushed in slowly, his eyes locked on Ianto’s face, looking for pain or discomfort.

Ianto moved his legs so they were around Jack’s waist, using his heels to pull Jack towards him. “More, Jack, I’m not breakable.”

Jack moved slowly, seating himself into Ianto. When he was totally sheathed he stopped, taking deep breaths, “Oh, Love, you are so hot, I can feel your heart beating, so gorgeous.” He kept whispering words of affection and love, waiting for Ianto to accommodate him, to be comfortable with his presence inside him.

“Jack, move, I need you to move, please move.” Ianto pulled his heels into Jack’s back, pulling the older man down kissing him, messily, hungrily.

Jack began to rock gently, watching Ianto intently.

Ianto started to move with Jack, meeting him thrust for thrust, using his heels to pull Jack in deeper.

“Ianto, you feel so hot, so tight.” Jack captured his lover’s lips, kissing, nibbling and as he changed his angle slightly, making his cock graze over Ianto prostrate trapping Ianto erection between their stomachs. As they moved Ianto’s cock was massaged by Jack’s body.

“God, Jack don’t stop, OH, Jack, Jack, I’m... I’m... don’t stop Jack, Jaaaaack.” Ianto’s eyes rolled back and he came, and came and came.

The contractions around his cock from Ianto’s orgasm was too much for Jack and he went still for moment and then slammed deep into Ianto and came as well. He slumped down on Ianto, holding him tight. They lay like that, holding each other tight, Jack stroking Ianto’s cheek and Ianto peppering Jack’s neck with small kisses. When their heartbeats and breathing had calmed, Jack rolled to the side, both groaning as Jack’s cock slipped out. Jack kissed his lover, tiny butterfly kisses, over his face, neck shoulders, mumbling, “Wonderful... fantastic... God, you’re wonderful.”

Jack went to move, reluctantly, knowing he needed to remove the condom, but Ianto held tight, “Don’t move, please, I want you to stay here, it feels so right.”

Jack just held his lover close, and the two men wrapped their arms around each other, whispering words of love and affection, untill both men fell asleep content, sated and feeling loved.

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